Today we are publishing an interview with Inika McPherson from the USA, an American track and field athlete specializing in the high jump.

Do you have any life concept? I mean, your life rules (something like life rules Esquire publishes).

Keep God 1st, Treat everyone like you’d like to be treated. We are infinite we are expanding we are limitless together as a collective. Respect each other at all times. I am that I am.

We would like to show you some Russian prison tattoos. What do you think about them?

I think they are beautiful in they’re own form of expression. I really like the chest piece with the eyes then detailed images within the wings. Very nice. It would be interesting to learn more about each man each piece.

How do you think, where are the best tattoos in the world?

All around the world can’t pin point one area. This world is full of talented individuals. I’ve been blessed to come across some great tattoo artist. My step brother Chance Filer out of Port Arthur Texas blessed me with a few of my beautiful tattoos. He tatted my Olympic Rings. I’ve gotten tatted; in Germany, the lips on my cheek, California, Houston, Nederland, New York in many different locations.

In the world of sport what do people think about tattoos? How do they treat you because of your tattoos?

In the world of sports in this day and age I feel everyone is getting acclimated to the idea of athletes and tattoos. I mostly get great compliments on my tattoos.

Tell me please about your tattoos. Do they have a special meaning?

Each have they’re own space on my skin in my skin that express a different degree of me.

Do you have any plans concerning your tattoos?

Too get more I would love to attend a tattoo expo to meet many different artists from all over the world. I’d also like to model maybe even get sponsored within the Tattoo industry I think that’ll be spectacular for both parties.

Would you like to get a tattoo in Russia?

Of course!

Whose tattoos do you like?

Travis Barker producer/drummer of Blink 182 I love artistry as a musician and his tattoos are sick. His Cadillac Tattoo is my favorite.

Well thank you for being interested I appreciate and respect what you all do. Let’s work together in the near future.